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We Are Always Buying!
Email us a list of items you are looking to sell. ALWAYS interested in purchasing baseball cards and memorabilia. Below is a general list of things we are looking to purchase with prices we generally pay. Our 'pay' guidelines are not set in stone, we often pay rates higher than those listed below for cards presently in high demand. If you have something not on this list please let us know anyway, we might be interested. We use Beckett's monthly guide as our "book price", and we will pay shipping costs for any large purchases we make.

  • Memorabilia. We are interested in any and all memorabilia from 1975 and before. This includes yearbooks, programs, scorecards, books, magazines, pennents, postcards, and other more unique items as well. Prices we pay for these items vary widely depending on many factors, so please email us what you are looking to sell.
  • Oddball baseball cards from 1975 and before such as but not limited to 1960s Topps Inserts, Nu-Scoops, 1960 Post, 1960s and 1970s Fleer cards, regional sets, and food issue cards.
  • ANY 1940s and earlier cards, stars and commons in any condition. The prices we pay can vary widely, so please email us a list of what you have.
  • 1950's baseball cards. We are looking for stars and commons in any condition. We generally pay approx. 30% of condition adjusted book price for commons, 30-40% for stars, and anywhere from 40-70% for upper-echelon stars such as Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams.
  • 1960's baseball cards. Stars in any condition and commons in at least VG+ condition. We pay approx. 25% of condition-adjusted book price for commons and 30-50% for stars.
  • 1970's baseball star cards in at least VG condition. We pay 35-45% of condition-adjusted book price. We are not currently looking for 1970's commons.
  • 1980's star cards in ExMt or better condition. We are only looking for cards with a NrMt book value of $3.00 or greater, we pay approx. 40% of condition-adjusted book price.
  • 90s through Present baseball superstars and rookie cards and inserts. Paying 20-40% of book price for many newer cards. We pay 50-60% for superstar rookie cards.
  • Sets - We generally pay 30-45% of book price for sets. We are especially interested in promo, food issue, and regional sets. We are NOT interested in larger (400+ cards) mid-late 1980s and early 1990s sets that book for under $15.00 (no 1989 Topps sets!!).

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